Sometimes when we get plants they look wonderful in the store, but when we bring them home they either don’t grow as well as we expect them to, or they even start to wilt!

Here are some of the most important keys to ensure that your plants are growing as healthy as they can.


Light is probably the most important thing that a plant needs to grow. Make sure that your plant is getting plenty of light! Place it near a south-facing window or even outside if possible.

If you are in an area that does not get much sunshine, or it is simply the winter time, you can purchase supplemental lighting to use indoors on your plants. These can really make a difference.

Also, be careful! Plants love light, but some plants can’t handle too much direct light, and prefer indirect light.

Rich Soil

You don’t need to grow your plants in soil if you use things like hydroponics, but soil is probably the easiest thing to grow plants in.

But beware! Not all soil is created equal. There are plenty of good soils, but there are also many others that you would be better off trying to grow a plant in concrete!

Pot Drainage

Plants need water, but they also need oxygen. When plants are in pots that have poor drainage, water sits around the roots for long periods of time. This starves the plant roots of oxygen and essentially drowns the plant.

You want to assure that all of your pots that you keep your plants in have proper drainage holes to allow excess water to flow out.

If your plant is already in a pot with poor drainage and there is no way for you to re-pot, you want to make sure that you give your plant the proper amounts of water and you don’t over-water.

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